Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its the Sweet Simple Things...

Sometimes as a mom, I get so swept up in preparing meals, cleaning the house, making sure my children are not beating on each other; that I forget to stop and enjoy my little ones. I have heard many parents say before you know it, the time will be gone. Today we have been running nonstop and I told the kids its nap time. After laying Jace down a couple of times he came into my room and sat on my lap. As I began scratching his back he rolled over and layed his head on my shoulder. As I sat and rocked him, I couldn't help but feel the sweetness of the moment. He is getting so big and I know my days of holding and rocking my baby boy are numbered. So for today I am thankful for a little boy that still loves his momma and lets me hold him. Its been a good reminder to stop and enjoy what is really important in my life.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Captors!

Sure they look cute ;) Do you ever yearn for freedom, feel like you are being held against your will. Ha ha! While I would do anything for my children, I found myself sitting and dreaming of the days when I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. For example this morning after making my children breakfast I thought I would like more than a granola bar today. While making a egg and toast I had to stop three different times to stop fights, get children out of things, and redress those who like to take there clothes off spontaneously. Finally when I got it ready I was accompanied by a whiney little girl who needed a bite with everyone I took. As for today I will keep dreaming of the day I can go to the bathroom by myself, shower without having to worry what is being destroyed while I shampoo, or even write a blog post without a child trying to hit the keys. It will happen right? Can't wait until my release date.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Will Never Be the Same

While I have never been the slimmest chick on the block, having two babies has really taken a toll on this physique. Its not just the pregnancy part; it is the two little demanding children leaving this momma, no time to think about anything else than cleaning up messes and how I would love to sleep. Well starting this New Year I told myself its time to slim it down and tone up my belly that now looks like a bowl full of jelly that a tiger tried to rip open. Sorry for the graphic description. But guess what!!! Apparently when you are 30 something, a week at the gym and watching every calorie you consume does not equal a new size of jeans or even a new number on the scale. While my first inclination was to call my friend Tostitos and  have a heart to heart. I guess I will stick to it, but someone should of told me to enjoy my body at 18 because IT IS GONE!!