Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its the Sweet Simple Things...

Sometimes as a mom, I get so swept up in preparing meals, cleaning the house, making sure my children are not beating on each other; that I forget to stop and enjoy my little ones. I have heard many parents say before you know it, the time will be gone. Today we have been running nonstop and I told the kids its nap time. After laying Jace down a couple of times he came into my room and sat on my lap. As I began scratching his back he rolled over and layed his head on my shoulder. As I sat and rocked him, I couldn't help but feel the sweetness of the moment. He is getting so big and I know my days of holding and rocking my baby boy are numbered. So for today I am thankful for a little boy that still loves his momma and lets me hold him. Its been a good reminder to stop and enjoy what is really important in my life.  

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